Chappell Squares

Seasoned timber framer, Steve Chappell, developed this new line of precision framing squares to meet the needs of the modern builder.

These durable squares are made of 13 gauge, 304 stainless steel that will never rust and are guaranteed to be square within .003". The rulings are deeply etched to resist wear and allow accurate markings. The inch scales are divided by the 14, 12, 34, and 20th inch, and the decimal inch scale enables you to combine decimal and fractional units seamlessly. In addition to the usual hip, valley, and jack rafter tables, these squares are the first to include tables for hexagonal, octagonal, and unequal roofs. Detailed instruction booklet included with each square. Made in Maine, USA.

Model #34 Gauging Square
Product ID : 2-C-34
12" Center Rule
Product ID : 2-C-112
Model #69 Center Square
Product ID : 2-C-69
18" Center Rule
Product ID : 2-C-118
Model #912 Center Square
Product ID : 2-C-912
Model #1218, The Traveler
Product ID : 2-C-1218
Model #1824, The Master Frame
Product ID : 2-C-1824