Accessory Tools

  • Dovetail Marker ...Accurate layout makes dovetailing much easier

  • Tite Mark ...Unique micrometer adjustment makes this marking gauge the handiest and morst accurate available

  • Lie-Nielsen Cross Peen Hammer ...not only great for tacks and brads, but also for making fine blade adjustments on your planes

  • Gooseneck Scraper Set ...are used on contoured surfaces

  • Dowel Plates ...makes exact-sized dowel from any wood you choose

  • Lie-Nielsen ScrewdriversThese screwdrivers are made to fit specific screw slots on our tools to give you power and control without slipping.

Product ID : 1-Countersink
Drawbore Pin Pair
Product ID : 1-DrawBorePin
Lie-Nielsen Dusting Brush
Product ID : 1-Brush
Lie-Nielsen Shop Apron
Product ID : 2-L-Apron
Product ID : 2-Mag-Blok-Cherry-12
Product ID : 2-Mag-Blok-Maple-12
North American Wood Collection
Product ID : 2-WoodSmart