• Advanced Timber Framing
    Steve Chappell

    Drawing from over 35 years of building and teaching advanced timber framing, Steve unlocks the mystery of complex roof systems in this comprehensive guide. This book is divided into two parts: Design & History, which explores the elements of design and provides a historical overview of different roof framing systems; and Geometry & Joinery Systems, which describes the technical aspects of the layout and construction process.

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  • With The Grain: A Craftsman's Guide to Understanding Wood
    Christian Becksvoort

    "With the Grain" will teach you how to: understand the trees around you; precisely predict the movement of your stock with seasonal changes; and build your projects so they allow the wood to move without splitting or destroying your joinery.

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  • By Hand & Eye
    George R. Walker & Jim Tolpin

    By Hand & Eye” is a deep dive into the world of history, architecture and design. And the authors have emerged with armloads of pearls for readers.

    Instead of serving up a list of formulas with magical names (i.e. the Golden Section, the Rule of Thirds) that will transform the mundane into perfection, George R. Walker and Jim Tolpin show how much of the world is governed by simple proportions, noting how ratios such as 1:2; 3:5 and 4:5 were ubiquitous in the designs of pre-industrial artisans. And the tool that helps us explore this world, then as now, are dividers.

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  • Grandpa's Workshop
    Maurice Pommier

    Pommier paints an unbroken line of craftsmen from a French family, and he traces the history of their lives and their work through their tools and the stories of them being handed from one worker to the other – against the backdrop of colonization, the gold rush, World War I and the time when Dragomir the dragon wreaked havoc in the Black Forest.

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  • Green Woodworking" A Hands-On Approach
    Drew Langsner

    Drew describes how to hew or split the wood into usable sections and then use hand tools to shape the pieces into strong, functional, and beautiful objects. This 2013 edition was reprinted by the author with updates to sharpening equipment, tools, and joinery methods.

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Product ID : 2-BK-T
Green Woodworking: A Hands-on Approach
Product ID : 2-BK-GWWP
Doormaking and Window-Making
Product ID : 2-BK-DWM
Campaign Furniture
Product ID : 2-BK-CF
by Christopher Schwarz
Why We Make Things and Why it Matters
Product ID : 2-BK-WWMT
by Peter Korn
A Guide to Hand Tools and Methods
Product ID : 2-BK-FT-3
A Timber Framer's Workshop
Product ID : 2-BK-ATFW
Advance Timber Framing
Product ID : 2-BK-ATF
By Hand & Eye
Product ID : 2-BK-BHAE
Chisel, Mallet, Plane and Saw
Product ID : 2-BK-CMPS
Grandpa's Workshop
Product ID : 2-BK-GW
Hand Planes in the Modern Shop
Product ID : 2-BK-HMS
Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods
Product ID : 2-BK-HBF
Handplane Essentials
Product ID : 2-BK-HPE
How to Build Shaker Furniture
Product ID : 2-BK-HBSF
Keeping the Cutting Edge
Product ID : 2-BK-KCE
Make a Joint Stool from a Tree
Product ID : 2-BK-MJST
Making Ladder Back Chairs with Russ Filbeck
Product ID : 2-BK-MLBC
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