• DVD | Six Board Chest with Christopher Schwarz

  • DVD | Moldings in Practice with Matthew Bickford

  • A Craftsmans's Guide to Understanding Wood
    Christian Becksvoort

    Learn to predict seasonal movement in your stock so that you can build furniture that allows for wood to move without damaging your work. In this DVD, Christian Becksvoort explains the anatomy and structure of wood, the interplay of wood and water, and how to predict wood movement.

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  • Shaker Side Table
    Christopher Schwarz

    This Shaker Side Table is a great project for learning hand tool woodworking skills: stock selection, layout, cutting mortises and tenons, dovetailing, rabbeting, assembly and finishing. Advance your skills and have a finished piece of furniture in a weekend.

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  • Master Workshop: 17th Century Joined Chest
    Peter Follansbee

    Explore the lost craft of 17th century New England joinery as you build this frame and panel chest, which was the hallmark of the joiner's craft in the 1600s.

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Hand Saw Sharpening
Product ID : 2-DVD-HSS
Hand Tool Techniques Part 1: Plane Sharpening
Product ID : 2-DVD-DC-1
Hand Tool Techniques Part 2: Hand Planing
Product ID : 2-DVD-DC-2
Moldings In Practice
Product ID : 2-DVD-MB-MIP
with Matthew Bickford
Precision Preparation of Chisels for Accurate Joinery
Product ID : 2-DVD-DC-4
Precision Shooting Simplified
Product ID : 2-DVD-DC-3
Sawing Fundamentals
Product ID : 2-DVD-CS-SF
Sharpening Profiled Hand Tools
Product ID : 2-DVD-LW-SPHT
Traditional Molding Techniques: Cornice Moldings
Product ID : 2-DVD-DM-MTCM
Traditional Molding Techniques: The Basics
Product ID : 2-DVD-DM-TMT
Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design
Product ID : 2-DVD-GW-USTD
Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design: Moldings
Product ID : 2-DVD-GW-USDM
Handplane Basics: A Better Way to Use Bench Planes
Product ID : 2-DVD-CS-BWUH
Dovetail a Drawer
Product ID : 2-DVD-DD
Making Mortise and Tenon Joints
Product ID : 2-DVD-FK-MT
Inside the Anarchist's Tool Chest
Product ID : 2-DVD-ATC