High Angle Frogs

Until now, all Stanley-type bench plane irons were bedded at 45°, or Common Pitch. But the famous English Smoothers like Norris are usually 50° (York Pitch) or 55° (Middle Pitch). The higher angles make smoothing difficult wood easier. Our unique High Angle Frogs (HAF) quickly convert our No. 3 through No. 7 Bench Planes to York Pitch or Middle Pitch. Will not fit other makes of planes. May be ordered separately or installed in the tool (the 50° HAF for no additional charge, the 55° HAF for $10 more).

Click here to view our YouTube video on Swapping Frogs on Bench Planes.

50 degree High Angle Frog
Product ID : 1-HAF-3
55 degree High Angle Frog
Product ID : 1-HAF-3-55