Tite-Mark Marking Gauges


  • Tite-Mark

Unique micrometer adjustment makes this marking gauge the handiest and most accurate available. Steel shaft, Brass body, fixed circular A-2 blade hardened to 58-60 Rockwell. The blade retracts safely into a recess in the head. Precisely made by Glen-Drake Toolworks in California, these tools are gems.

Tite-Mark Mortise Blade Set
Product ID : 2-GD-BLM
Mini Marking Blade
Product ID : 2-GD-BLMI
Double Bevel Mini Mortise Blade Set
Product ID : 2-GD-BLMM
Double Bevel Mortise Blade Set
Product ID : 2-GD-BLMS
Tite-Mark Reverse Bevel Marking Blade
Product ID : 2-GD-BLR
Tite-Mark Marking Blade
Product ID : 2-GD-BLTM
Tite-Mark Extensions
Product ID : 2-GD-EXT
Double Bevel Mortise Blades
Product ID : 2-GD-M-1-4
Tite-Mark Mini
Product ID : 2-GD-MINI
Double Bevel Mini Mortise Blade
Product ID : 2-GD-MM-3-16
Tite-Mark Scoring Blade
Product ID : 2-GD-S
Tite-Mark Adjustable Mortise Blade
Product ID : 2-GD-SBA-BL
Product ID : 2-GD-TM
Tite-Mark Deluxe
Product ID : 2-GD-TM-Deluxe
Tite-Mark Long
Product ID : 2-GD-TML
Tite-Mark Long Deluxe
Product ID : 2-GD-TML-Deluxe
Tite-Mark Mini Deluxe
Product ID : 2-GD-TMM-Deluxe