Vallorbe Rasps

Vallorbe Patternmaker's Rasps

Vallorbe is an industrial region in Switzerland famous for iron foundries and tool production since the 16th century. Three principal manufacturers in the region joined forces in 1899 to expand their sales of files through export, whilst carefully guarding their technology, trademarks and traditions. Today the range includes some 4,000 items including engineers files, chainsaw files, diamond files and other specialty items. The Vallorbe brand is recognized internationally and highly regarded for its quality and performance in service. All products carry ISO 9001/EN 29001 quality certification.

In March 2010, Vallorbe launched a new range of rasps and rifflers for woodworkers. They are designed to bridge the gap between crude machine made rasps and the best hand stitched rasps made by Michel Auriou in France. Vallorbe rasps are machine made, but superior in quality and cut to any other machine made rasp available.

For now we are offering the Vallorbe equivalents to the Nicholson #49 and #50 rasps. The Vallorbe 5 grain rasp replaces Nicholson #49, the 6 grain rasp replaces Nicholson #50. Two handle options are available: the Lie-Nielsen Maple rasp handle (3/4") or the wire-wrapped utility handle for 10-14 inch files (each sold separately).

Vallorbe 10" Rasp 5 Grain
Product ID : 2-VR-10-5g
Vallorbe 10" Rasp, 6 Grain
Product ID : 2-VR-10-6g