Building a Wooden Plane

with Matt Bickford

Please call to register: 800-327-2520. For more information email us
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Building a Wooden Rabbet Plane

with Matt Bickford

June 7-8, 2014 (9am-4pm)


In this workshop, Matt Bickford will guide you through the process of making a wooden rabbet plane with a conical escapement. Students will start with a beech billet and learn the many steps involved in creating a very versatile tool.

Among the many skills to be addressed are making an accurate mortise with floats, fitting a wedge, mating an iron to the bed of your plane, carving an escapement, heat treating, and addressing the iron’s various edges.

The class will focus on making a rabbet plane, but much of the tooling and processes is directly relatable to making any wooden plane.

About the Instructor

Matt Bickford is a planemaker in Haddam Neck, CT specializing in moulding planes. Along with contributions to various woodworking magazines, Matt is the author of Mouldings in Practice and is featured in a Lie-Nielsen produced DVD with the same name. Matt has taught the skill of using wooden moulding planes across the country. This is the first time he will be offering this class.

Tool List

These are the tools we'll learn about in the class. You are not required to bring all of them; we will provide demonstration tools for you to use. However, it is helpful for you to practice with your own tools, so bring as many of these as you'd like. You may also make purchases in our showroom on site. Please do not bring tools in need of repair or major fettling – there will not be time to fully tune them for use during the workshop.

Note: The hyperlinks below are for LN tools, though you are welcome to bring tools of other brands.

  • Smooth plane
  • Cross cut saw
  • Turning saw (or substitute for cutting a radius as tight at 1”)
  • 3/16” Push Edge Float
  • Push Cheek Float
  • Pull Cheek Float
  • Push Side Float
  • 2-3 6” xx slim files
  • one bench chisel between 5/8”-1”
  • ¼” Bench chisel
  • Mortise chisel <= 3/16”
  • Sharpening stones: Coarse, Medium, Fine (i.e. 200, 1000, 10,000 -grit or medium india, hard Arkansas, strop)
  • Gouges (7/16” #10, ¼” #5, 5/8” #6)
  • Circle Template ranging from 7/8” up to 2”
  • Dial calipers
  • Adjustable square (4 or 6” double square is ideal)
  • Plane adjusting hammer, not ball peen (1 side wood, one side brass)
  • Registration Information

    Cost is $250, lunch included. Limited to 15 people. There is a $30 material fee for this class.

    Located at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks: Route 1, Warren, Maine 04864.

    Please call to register: 800-327-2520, $100 nonrefundable deposit required at registration, full payment required 30 days before the workshop. For more information email us.