Since 1880, Wetterlings has offered the best hand forged axes, mauls and wedges to the public. As the oldest existing axe forge in Sweden, they still work by hand producing small batches of tools fit with oil finished American hickory handles.

Natural, unpainted, finish shows the quality of the forging. We are pleased to offer these fine axes to our customers.


Hardened and tempered to Rockwell 56-58, razor sharp.

Never use the back of the axe head as a hammer. The back of the head, or poll, of the Splitting Maul is tempered, so it can be used safely with the splitting wedge.

All axes come with leather sheaths. Replacement handles and leather sheaths are available.

Axe use & care instructions are available HERE.

Belt Hatchet
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-104
Camp Hatchet
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-106
Small Hunting Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-115
Large Hunting Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-118
Limbing Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-121
Felling Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-124
Hjärtum Carpenter's Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-162
Small Splitting Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-142
Splitting Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-144
Splitting Maul
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-146
Splitting Wedge
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-149
Cruising Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-176
Bushman Axe
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-178
Broad Axe with Short Handle
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-190
Broad Axe with Long Handle
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-192
Clearing Axe with 20" Handle
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-311
Clearing Axe with 26" Handle
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-315
Clearing Axe with 32" Handle
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-317
Double Bit Throwing Axe with 30" Handle
Product ID : 2-W-Axe-180