Jared Gingrow Patch

Waldoboro, ME

"The woodworker can make himself a first-rate craftsman, he can persevere in spite of present difficulties, learning all the time, and enjoy a sense of personal achievement in surmounting them. Because personal achievement is the only answer to the cipher business and the one which a man owes his soul." — Charles H. Hayward, The Woodworker, February 1947

Jared developed a deep rooted appreciation for old and odd handmade artifacts from an early age. He remembers visiting his grandparents’ New England homes as a boy and spending hours curiously exploring the dust covered shelves in the attics and basements. The craftsmanship evident in the relics from a bygone era was inspiring, and there was comfort in the thought that despite the fast-paced times we lived in, some things were made to last. Coming from a primarily power tool woodworking background, Jared received his first Lie-Nielsen tool from his Uncle—a Bronze Spokeshave—and like a flash, the spark for hand tool woodworking spread like a wildfire. While visiting Lie-Nielsen Toolworks for George Walker’s By Hand and Eye Weekend Workshop in August of 2015, he not only left with the makings of a harmonically proportionate shelf for his wall—he left with a job. Jared moved to Maine to join Lie-Nielsen Toolworks in the Fall of 2015. When he isn’t soaking up lessons in hand tool woodworking, he enjoys traveling, playing and listening to music, and exploring Maine’s natural beauty.