John Parkinson

Durham, NC

“Working with hand tools makes me more aware of the wood, the sound & feel of the tool when working.”

The work of cabinet making, the designing, joining and finishing of a piece has always appealed to me. The process demands the use of both the hands and mind. My deepest satisfaction comes from designing a piece that both the end user and viewer find both useful and interesting.”

Originally from Newcastle in the North East of England, John was first exposed to woodworking through his father. After leaving school and serving a four year City and Guilds woodworking apprenticeship at Newcastle College of Arts & Technology, John worked as a journeyman woodworker making everything from cabinets to fine furniture.

In 2005 he moved to Austin, TX and started his own custom furniture business, John Parkinson Furniture. He now resides in Durham, NC where he is part of the Liberty Arts group of artists.

We discovered John at our Austin Hand Tool Event in 2010 and he’s been part of our staff ever since. In his down time, John enjoys music, reading, hiking and biking.



Liberty Arts