Oliver Pratt Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Oliver Pratt

Washington, ME

Oliver grew up playing the trumpet and began to play professionally at the age of 15. He attended Berklee College of Music and received a Bachelors of Music in Performance.

He took up green woodworking during a four year break from playing and quickly became immersed in the culture of handcraft and Slöjd. After spending a few years primarily carving spoons and bowls in the greenwood tradition of axe and knife he discovered bowl turning on a pole lathe and this quickly became his main interest in woodworking. Though his focus is pole lathe turned bowls he remains very interested in all forms of traditional handcraft, and continues to learn everything he can from the community of craftspeople he is happy to call friends.

Oliver takes his influence from traditional examples of spoons and bowls, his fellow craftspeople, and also from his training as a musician. He finds that the composition, proportions, and 3 dimensional flow he attempts to attain with his woodwork very closely reflect those aspects in the music he most loves to hear and make.

Website: oliverpratthandcraft.com