Roger Benton Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Roger Benton

Brooklyn, NY

Roger owns and operates RE-CO BKLYN, a custom design/build furniture shop and urban lumber harvesting operation specializing in harvesting storm damaged trees for lumber in the New York City area. His shop specializes in large, live edge slab tables and desks, as well as solid wood stand-alone furniture.

As a member of the former 3rd Ward, the now extinct Brooklyn, NY center for cooperative craft and making, Roger began teaching woodworking classes ranging from basic shop skills for beginners to in-depth joinery techniques. Since it was an interest in classic hand tools and techniques that drew him to furniture making, Roger’s classes always involved choosing, tuning, and getting the most out of planes, handsaws, and chisels.

Roger joined our Hand Tool Event® staff in 2011. When not toiling in the shop, Roger can be found working on his old Jeep, surfing at Rockaway Beach, rock-climbing in the Gunks, and hanging with his wife, daughter, and pets.

RE-CO BKLYN Website: