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Épinal Wood & Habitat Exhibition 2019

with Auriou - Forge De Saint-Juéry

September 19 - 23 , 2019

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Join us at the 2019 Wood & Habitat Exhibition in Épinal, France!

September 19-23, 2019

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The festival is being held at the Centre des Congrès. Click HERE to generate directions using Google Maps.

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Entry price is 6€ per person. Free for children under 18 years old.

About the Event

From the Festival organizers:

    The first French show for wood construction for individuals!

    A true reference in the field of the latest trends in housing, wood construction and renovation.

    Over 380 exhibitors! Come to Habitat et Bois® to discover worlds that meet the expectations of visitors.

    The Wood Village:
    Most of the players in the timber-construction sector

    Universe of Construction:
    Architecture, design, BET, building materials, traditional construction, passive construction, straw insulation, linen, hemp ...

    Second Floor Space:
    Electricity, plumbing, plastering, tiling, floors ...

    Space Heating:
    Geothermal, solar, wood, wind, fossil, renewable energy ...

    Art Crafts Gallery:
    Proposed by the Regional Mission of Crafts

    Interior and Exterior Fittings:
    Attics, stairs, kitchens, baths, saunas, verandas, shelters, garden furniture, alarms, swimming pools, garages, landscaping ...

    Home Furnishing Decoration:
    art crafts, sofas, armchairs, relaxation, bedding, lighting ...

    Institutional Space:
    Banking, financial institutions, information on housing benefits ...