Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

The Joiner Festival 2019 - Saint Petersburg

with Rubankov

September 27 - 28 , 2019

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Join us at The Joiner Festival 2019 in Saint Petersburg, Russia!

September 27-28, 2019
Friday & Saturday

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The festival is being held at the ArtPlay Center. Click HERE to generate directions using Google Maps.

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About the Event

From the Festival organizers:

    Friends, we are pleased to inform you that there will be a festival in St. Petersburg! The main theme of the festival will be “Planer” - an instrument so dear to a joiner's heart.

    The main performances of the festival in St. Petersburg:

  • Work with planers with profile knives - moldings, fillets, feldspars (Alexey Deykin)
  • What to look for when buying a metal planer (Sergey Klein)
  • Advantages of using Japanese wooden planers in modern conditions (Philip Kesarev)
  • Features of combined planers (Mikhail Kuchuk)
  • (The list of performances will be updated)

    Competitions at the September festival:

  • Homemade designer planer
  • Surface planing for flatness
  • Lathe battle

  • The main venues of the festival:

  • The main stage of workshops and lectures
  • Turning business
  • Lozhkari
  • Factory Petrograd
  • Joiner's School Rubankov
  • Craft island
  • Fair of carpentry and souvenirs
  • Tool companies
  • Decoration Materials
  • Lumber

  • Turning area

    This year, Alexander Bryukner, Andrey Gromov, Georgy Makarov, Dmitry Pushin and other masters will show their art.

    In parallel, a turning battle will take place on the site in which everyone can take part.

    Factory Petrograd

    Factory masters will demonstrate the main stages of the production of factory tools.

  • Manufacture of ax head swelling (Eugene Mirchuk, Nikolay Kozhin)
  • Peeling and grinding of a otkova (Alexey Silkin)
  • Making and planting an ax (Andrey Klein)
  • Manufacturing a cover for an ax (Pavel Ermilin)

  • Other master classes of the festival:

  • Manufacture of casket on stud connections (Mikhail Zelinsky)
  • Wood carving (Boris Palanov)
  • Work with Japanese saws (Nikita Samodelkin)
  • Sawing out toys on a machine jigsaw (Vadim Elkin)
  • Making garden sculptures by the rechitsa grinder (Alexander Savin, Mikhail Savin)

  • Tool companies

    Our colleagues will demonstrate various materials, tools for work, machines and other tricks and features on the ownership of a particular technology.