Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Shackleton Thomas Furniture

with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

March 08 - 09 , 2019

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Join us at our Hand Tool Event® in Bridgewater!

March 8-9, 2019
Friday (10am - 6pm)
Saturday (10am - 5pm)

Hosted by ShackletonThomas Furniture

102 Mill Road, The Bridgewater Mill
Bridgewater, VT 05034


Admission is free and open to the public.


Click HERE to generate directions using Google Maps.


Parking is available on site.

About the Venue

Located in a 180 year old Vermont mill that makes fine handmade furniture, pottery and accessories. ShackeltonThomas Furniture has remained true to its roots in a age where speed is preferred over quality and character. They are one of the few remaining companies of their size in the US that still manufacture products piece by piece using extensive handwork.

ShackletonThomas Furniture will have furniture makers on site working on various projects at their benches and will be available to answer any questions.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on orders placed at the Event (excluding Workbenches, Vise Hardware, and Dovetail Vise).

Matt Bickford - M.S. Bickford

Matt Bickford is a planemaker in Haddam Neck, CT specializing in moulding planes. Along with contributions to various woodworking magazines, Matt is the author of Mouldings in Practice and is featured in a Lie-Nielsen produced DVD with the same name. Matt has taught the skill of using wooden moulding planes across the country.

Steve Branam - Close Grain School of Woodworking

Steve is a software engineer, author and woodworking "hobbyist" in central Massachusetts. He documents his process to share knowledge and experience on his blog, Close Grain. His first book, "Hand Tool Basics", published by Popular Woodworking Books, covers woodworking with hand tools for people interested in doing everything with hand tools, or augmenting their power tool woodworking with hand tool techniques.

Chrissy Bellmyer - Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Yestermorrow Design/Build School inspires people to create a better, more sustainable world by providing hands-on education that integrates design and craft as a creative, interactive process.

Isaac Smith - Black Burn Tools (Saturday Only)

Blackburn Tools, offers a range of finely crafted dovetail, tenon, sash, and joinery saws made in the 19th century style, as well as saw filing guides and layout tools.

Vermont School of Woodworking

The Vermont Woodworking School was founded in 2007. They were motivated by the vision to celebrate and ensure the continuation of a heritage of fine furniture-making in the state of Vermont, which is rich in hardwood forests and fine furniture-makers. They offer a semester-based "Immersion Program" through which students gain a deep understanding of fine woodworking and furniture-making. They also offer shorter "Community Workshops" for those looking for a shorter time commitment option to explore the craft.

Logan Davis - VT3D Printing

VT3D was started in the back of Woodstock Hops N' Barley by their founder, Logan Davis. They produce anything from trinkets to specialty parts to tap handles out of PLA, a biodegradable plastic. Our company is focused on making a customizable product in a short time for a small price.