Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

2019 Annual Open House & Lobster Bake

with Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

July 12 - 13 , 2019

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Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Annual Open House

This event is free and open to the public — all are welcome!

July 12-13 • Friday & Saturday • 9AM to 5PM

264 Stirling Road • Warren, Maine • 04864

Lobster Bake Dinner and Keynote Address

Unfortunately, Lobster Bake Dinner tickets are sold out. Please call to be added to the waitlist: 1-800-327-2520

Saturday, July 13, 2019 • 6PM

Complete your visit to the Toolworks with a savory meal of fresh, local, Maine lobster! Cost is $45 per person.

Keynote address to be given by Thomas Moser!

Non-shellfish options available. Please make your reservations before July 5, 2019.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Thomas Moser was unable to speak at the 2018 Open House. We are excited to have him join us this year for the 2019 Keynote Address.

Come join the folks from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks at our shop in Warren, ME, and help us celebrate our annual Open House.

This is a great opportunity to see behind the scenes at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Tour our shop and test our full line of woodworking hand tools. Our Hand Tool Event staff will be available to answer questions and demonstrate our tools.

We'll also feature a diverse group of guest demonstrators. You'll have the chance to meet a range of independent toolmakers, woodworking schools and organizations, and master woodworkers from around the USA.

Lunches will be available for purchase on site Friday and Saturday.

Our offices will be closed on Friday, July 12 during the Open House. Please leave a voicemail or send an email to and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Tool Talks:


    11:00am: Anne Briggs - Social Media & Woodworking: Finding Community with Creatives

    1:00pm: Deneb Puchalski - Staying Sharp: Overcoming Common Issues in Sharpening

    3:00pm: Peter Galbert - Pushing the Boundaries: Understanding and Using Green & Dry Wood


    11:00am: Jeff Miller - Working with Curves: Tools and Techniques

    1:00pm: Mary May - Woodcarving Basics: It’s Easier Than You Think!

    3:00pm: Peter Follansbee - Joiner’s Work

Open House Raffle:

Enter our Open House Raffle for your chance to win one of three great Lie-Nielsen tools. Tickets will be available Friday and Saturday during the Open House for $5.00 each. There is no limit on the number of entries and there are six chances to win. Winners will be selected at random the week after the event, and prizes will be shipped for free. Prizes are as follows:

  • Brass Cross Peen Hammer (2 available)
  • Small Bronze Spokeshave (2 available)
  • No. 102 Low Angle Block Plane (2 available)

Tree Identification Tours:

The Maine Forest Service will lead guided Tree Identification Tours on Friday. Tours will leave from the showroom at 10:00AM and 12:00PM. Learn tricks and techniques for identifying common New England tree species.

Watch a video from our 2017 Open House:

Terry Gordon - H.N.T. Gordon & Co.

HNT Gordon and Co. Classic Plane Makers Australia was established by Terry Gordon in 1995. After living in Malaysia for 3 years with the Air Force, he began to meet the locals and observed them using their planes with balance and ease to produce a tear out free surface. Studying old tools and experimental work was conducted on blade angles to determine what worked best on Aussie hard woods. It was found that a blade pitch of 55 – 60 degrees works best on hard and curly grain and by reversing the blade to bevel up an angle of 85 – 90 degrees forms a scraper plane to tackle those woods you can’t plane. This high blade pitch was not being produced by any manufacturers at the time, which is what made their planes unique when they came on the market. They are now a team of five who manufacture over 50 types of hand planes and vices for beginners to experienced hobbyists and professionals.

Peter Follansbee - 17th Century Joined Furniture & Green Woodwork

Peter Follansbee specializes in 17th century period joinery and green woodworking. He spent over 20 years making reproduction furniture at Plimoth Plantation, the living history museum in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In addition to teaching the craft at schools around the USA, Peter co-authored the book, Make a Joint Stool from a Tree: An Introduction to 17th Century Joinery, with Jennie Alexander. He is also featured in several Lie-Nielsen Videos.

Weekend workshop demonstrator Build beautiful Shrink Pots—the parlor trick of green woodworking—with Peter at his Green Wood Skills: Shrink Pots Weekend Workshop on September 7-8. He'll cover everything from boring the cylinder and fitting the bottom, to decorating the surface with chip carving, relief carving, and paint.

Peter Galbert - Peter Galbert Chairmaker

Peter Galbert is a full time chairmaker, toolmaker, teacher and writer. He has taught at craft schools around the country. Besides making chairs and teaching, Peter also writes the Chairnotes blog and produces the Galbert Caliper as well as other woodworking tools. Peter is the author of The Chairmaker's Notebook and is featured in the Lie-Nielsen Toolworks video A Green Woodworking Primer: Making a Firewood Carrier.

Phil Lowe - The Furniture Institute of Massachusetts

Philip Lowe is a professional woodworker, teacher, and author from Beverly, Massachusetts. He taught at the North Bennet Street School in Boston for ten years and acted as head of their furniture-making department from 1980-1985. Phil owns and operates a furniture making and restoration shop as well as a school, the Furniture Institute of Massachusetts. He is also a long-time contributing editor for Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Weekend workshop demonstrator Join Phil at Lie-Nielsen Toolworks to learn how to build and fine-tune a drawer for any piece of furniture—particularly the all too common situation of fitting a slightly imperfect drawer into a slightly imperfect opening—in his Build and Fit a Dovetailed Drawer Workshop, on August 3-4.

Chris Vesper - Vesper Tools

Celebrating 20 years of making and selling tools in 2018, Chris Vesper will be traveling from Melbourne, Australia to exhibit his world renowned hand tools. The flagship products of Sliding Bevels and Try Squares and the Precision Double Square will all be present and on display for you to touch and talk to the maker about directly.

Mary May - Mary May's School of Traditional Woodcarving

Mary May is a European trained professional woodcarver from Charleston, SC. She specializes in traditional woodcarving that focuses on antique restoration, architectural and furniture decorations. Mary teaches woodcarving at a variety of woodworking schools throughout the US and Europe and also has an online video woodcarving school: She has been a guest on The Woodwright's Shop 4 times, and has recently completed her first book published through Lost Art Press, Carving the Acanthus Leaf and is featured in several Lie-Nielsen Videos.

Jeff Miller - J. Miller Handcrafted Furniture

Jeff Miller is a furniture designer, craftsman, teacher and author of woodworking books and articles. Jeff's furniture has been shown in galleries and shows nationwide and has won numerous awards. His furniture is in the Decorative Arts Collection of the Chicago History Museum. The shop is setup in an old post office building and is spacious and well equipped.

Bob Van Dyke - Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking

Director of the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. He continually strives to expand his skills and knowledge by working on a variety of commission furniture pieces and new projects for upcoming classes. He has been featured in Fine Woodworking Magazine and Woodshop News.

Joshua Klein - Mortise & Tenon Magazine

Mortise & Tenon Magazine is a biannual print publication celebrating the preservation, research, and recreation of historic furniture. The passion to marry scholarship with historic craft practice imbues the magazine with a unique voice in the world of woodworking media.

Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is located in the coastal village of Rockport, Maine, between Camden and Rockland. Their mission is to provide the best possible education for people who want to design and build functional, beautiful, and expressive work out of wood to the highest standard of craftsmanship. At the heart of the Center’s mission is the belief that design and craftsmanship are deeply meaningful expressions of the human spirit. They contribute to individual fulfillment and inform the larger culture.

Matt Bickford - M.S. Bickford

Matt Bickford is a planemaker in Haddam Neck, CT specializing in moulding planes. Along with contributions to various woodworking magazines, Matt is the author of Mouldings in Practice and is featured in a Lie-Nielsen produced DVD with the same name. Matt has taught the skill of using wooden moulding planes across the country.

Weekend workshop demonstrator Want to learn more about using traditional Molding Planes? Sign up for Matt's Weekend Workshop Making Moldings With Paired Planes, on July 27-28. Matt will guide you through the process for creating various moldings with these extraordinarily versatile planes—from simple coves and ovolos through ogees, cymas and various combinations.

Clint Chase - Chase Small Craft

The mission of Chase Small Craft is to design and build the finest small craft in the world while helping people build their own boats and transform their lives. They offer beautiful boat kits on their website, ready to build. Clint also teaches a number of workshops and courses at Compass Project, Engine, and the WoodenBoat School.

Tim Manney - Chairmaker

Tim, who began carving spoons while in college in North Carolina, apprenticed with chairmaker Curtis Buchanan in Tennessee, and collaborates with Peter Galbert of Massachusetts on Windsor-related tools. His current shop is in a large old mill building in Brunswick, Maine.

Kenneth Kortemeier - Maine Coast Craft School

The Maine Coast Craft School is Kenneth and Angela Kortemeier. They specialize in teaching hands-on workshops in traditional, green woodworking using only hand tools.

Rob O'Dwyer & Bob Miller - North Bennet Street School

Located in Boston, MA, the North Bennet Street School offers hands-on training in traditional trades and fine craftsmanship. Exceptional programs, master faculty, and inspiring community encourage growth and mastery.

Claire Minihan - Claire Minihan Travishers

Starting out with a furniture making foundation after graduating from the North Bennett Street School’s cabinet and furniture program. Later learned to make travishers from Windsor Chairmaker Peter Galbert in 2012. Since then has grown a small business making travishers, demonstrating what a travisher is and how it works at domestic and international trade fairs, and teaching a 'make your own travisher' class every once in a small while.

Mateo Panzica - The Lazarus Handplane Co.

Mateo Panzica of the Lazarus Handplane Co. is a toolmaker in Louisville, KY. His planes and slicks are made entirely by himself, blades and all. His diverse past endevors include time spent working in bronze casting, making furniture, doing high end furniture conservation at the Chicago Conservation Center, and building timber frame structures in Southern Appalachia.

Fine Woodworking Magazine

Fine Woodworking Magazine is celebrating more than 40 years of furthering the art and craft of woodworking and of fostering a community of dedicated woodworkers. Every issue shares inspiration and time-tested learning on topics such as furniture fundamentals, joinery, finishing, workshop layout, and more. Plus, you’ll find honest product reviews of woodworking tools, woodturning tools, power tools, hand planes, jointers, planers, biscuit joiners, routers, table saw jigs, and more in our tool guide. We feature tasteful plans & projects, including furniture plans, woodturning projects and techniques, workshop plans, and more. Fine Woodworking covers current and classic skills you’ll want to learn.

Tico Vogt - Vogt Toolworks

Tico Vogt, a cabinetmaker of 25 years, and owner of Vogt Toolworks, develops tools and products for the woodworking shop. The Super Chute 2.0, a high end shooting board, the Micro Sharp Honing Kit, and solid wood edge banding are his current products. Made in New York, USA.

Wes Sunderland (President) - The Guild of Maine Woodworkers

Woodworkers of all skill and experience levels, from beginners to professionals, are invited to meet and share their knowledge and skills with each other.

Kevin Carney- The Apprenticeshop

Kevin Carney grew up in a large Foreign Service family in Europe and South America. After graduating from Virginia Tech with a degree in design, he traveled to Maine for an internship at the Apprenticeshop. Kevin stayed in Maine after completing his internship, becoming a boat builder in the coastal town of Boothbay. He returned to the Apprenticeshop in 1989 as an instructor, and has seen over 200 boats launched, countless apprentices, interns, and volunteers come through the Shop. Kevin resides on his small farm with his family in Jefferson, Maine.

Sally Fishburn - Early American Industries Assoc.

The Early American Industries Association preserves and presents historic trades, crafts, and tools and interprets their impact on our lives.

McKay Biggar - Day's Hardwood

Days Hardwood is a small locally owned lumber seller easily accessed from exit 22 on I-295 in Freeport, ME. We stock kiln dried domestic hardwoods, live edge slabs, local softwoods, and unique and unusual items. If you are having trouble sourcing something, try us. We can often find hard to find things.

Steve Branam - Close Grain School of Woodworking

Steve is a software engineer, author and woodworking "hobbyist" in central Massachusetts. He documents his process to share knowledge and experience on his blog, Close Grain. His first book, "Hand Tool Basics", published by Popular Woodworking Books, covers woodworking with hand tools for people interested in doing everything with hand tools, or augmenting their power tool woodworking with hand tool techniques.

Isaac Smith (Saturday Only) - Blackburn Tools

Blackburn Tools, offers a range of finely crafted dovetail, tenon, sash, and joinery saws made in the 19th century style, as well as saw filing guides and layout tools.

Carina Driscoll - Vermont School of Woodworking

The Vermont Woodworking School was founded in 2007. They were motivated by the vision to celebrate and ensure the continuation of a heritage of fine furniture-making in the state of Vermont, which is rich in hardwood forests and fine furniture-makers. They offer a semester-based "Immersion Program" through which students gain a deep understanding of fine woodworking and furniture-making. They also offer shorter "Community Workshops" for those looking for a shorter time commitment option to explore the craft.

Tree Identification Tours (Friday Only) - Maine Forest Service

Morten Moesswilde of the Maine Forest Service will lead guided Tree Identification Tours on Friday morning. Tours will leave from the showroom at 10:00am and 12:00pm. Learn tricks and techniques for identifying common New England tree species.

The Maine Forest Service was established in 1891 to ensure Maine’s citizens the greatest economic and social benefits from trees and forestlands of the State.

Douglas Brooks (Saturday Only) - Boatbuilder & Writer

Douglas Brooks is a boatbuilder, writer, teacher, and researcher specializing in the construction of traditional wooden boats for museums and private clients. His boats have been displayed at museums across the United States and Japan. Since 1990, he has been researching traditional Japanese boatbuilding, focusing on the techniques and design secrets of the craft. He has built boats with seven elderly boatbuilders from throughout Japan; he is the sole apprentice for six of his teachers.

Brooks has published four books on Japanese boatbuilding, and his most recent, Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding, chronicles his first five apprenticeships.