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Floats are useful for lots of jobs around the woodshop and if you have never used one you will be amazed at how quickly they can produce an accurate, smooth surface. Try one for flattening, chamfering, or smoothing flat and curved areas. Floats can cut more aggressively than rasps, yet leave a finely finished surface for either exposed work or a glue bond.

We collaborated with contemporary wooden plane maker, Larry Williams, to develop these Floats. To learn how to make your own molding planes, see our video, Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes with Larry Williams, available in DVD and streaming video formats.

Our Floats are sharpened with a triangular file. For best results, lightly file your new Float before use. Made from S7 Tool Steel, hardened and tempered to RC 50-52 for edge life and resharpening ability. 8tpi, 80° rake angle, Maple handles.

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