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Note: Auriou Tools are handmade by a team of less than a dozen people at Forge de Saint Juery in France. Each Rasp is carefully stitched to the tip by hand—the finer rasps will take a highly skilled stitcher as much as 90 minutes to complete. There are over 30 separate operations in making Auriou Rasps of which "stitching" is just one.

Our supply of Auriou tools—which are the best of their kind—fluctuates. They are often out of stock, sometimes for extended periods, and we do not have reliable delivery information. We will put them on the website as they are available, and if you do not see what you are looking for please check back again.

We believe these tools are worth the wait, and hope you will too.

Rifflers are small, double-ended rasps, excellent for detail work. Auriou’s professional quality rifflers have octagonal bodies that allow you to work for long periods without discomfort.

Tooth size on rasps and rifflers is known as ‘grain’. The higher the grain number, the finer the tooth: grain 1 is the coarsest and grain 15 the finest. Auriou’s 6-inch rifflers are grain 14, their 7-inch rifflers are grain 13, and their 8-inch rifflers are grain 12.

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