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Auriou Lettering Chisels

Auriou Chris Pye Lettering Tools

Lettering chisels designed by master carver Chris Pye and made by Auriou Toolworks in France. These tools are forged the traditional way: by hammering a steel blank to length before profiling. This process not only develops the best grain structure for holding a fine edge, but also allows the tools to be thinner and lighter but still strong.

The seven Double Beveled Allongee Chisels are ideal for carving the strata in most lettering styles. As opposed to heavier, parallel-sided chisels, the allongee style blades taper from shoulder to tip, reducing overall weight. This shape also allows the corners to fit into recesses more easily, and gives greater visibility around the tool.

Additional Lettering Gouges and Fishtail chisel are designed for cutting a wide range of serifs and for removing material.

Octagonal Ash handles with Brass ferrules.

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