Elizabeth Leino Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Elizabeth Leino

Waldoboro, ME

“Furniture is a universal language. Even the most obscure furnishings have the ability to cross cultures and dialects; everyone needs a place to lay their head.”

A Maine native, Elizabeth grew up in the small town of Poland Springs. She graduated from Maine College of Art in 2014 with a BFA in Woodworking & Furniture Design, a Minor in Art History, fourteen stitches, and a portfolio of furniture that will not fit in her uptown apartment.Her work ranges from illustration to furniture and sculpture, and her biggest inspirations come from the classic architecture and motifs of small town coastal New England, along with the mix-and-match aesthetic of the home she grew up in – a gingerbread-house style expanded modular trailer with a tower, complete with copper spire.Elizabeth was fortunate enough to join Lie-Nielsen in December of 2014, and has been expanding on her woodworking education, learning from and helping to educate other woodworkers, and jumping feet first into Hand Tool Events.