North American Wood Collection




46 Wood Samples, plus a guide to North American woods

Ever wonder what catalpa looks like? How about persimmon or coffeetree? Want to know what Port-Orford-cedar smells like? Or if it’s hard to hand-plane black locust? Want to know how much madrone, hickory, or tupelo will shrink and swell? Wood Smart has the answers.

Developed by furniture-maker Gerald Curry to give woodworkers the ability to examine, identify, and work 46 different species of North American woods. Unlike veneer samples, the backs of these ½” thick pieces can be hand-planed multiple times to test a species’ workability.

The included 40 page booklet, A Concise Guide to North American Woods, gives detailed descriptions of 59 species and easy to follow instructions, complete with maps and charts, on how to calculate seasonal dimensional changes for any area of the U.S.

Samples measure ½” thick by 3” wide by 6” long. Each is labeled with its common and scientific names as well as density and shrinkage information.

Packaged in wood box with sliding lid. Made in Maine.

46 Samples of North American Woods:

American Elm, Ash White, Aspen, Bald Cypress, Balsam Fir, Basswood, Beech, Black Ash, Black Locust, Boxelder, Butternut, Catalpa, Cherry, Chestnut, Coffee Tree, Douglas-Fir, Eastern Hemlock, Eastern Red Cedar, Eastern White Pine, East Larch, East Spruce, Hickory, Honey Locust, Hophornbeam, Madrone, Northen White Cedar, Paper Birch, Persimmon, Port Orford Cedar, Red Alder, Red Maple, Red Oak, Red Pine, Redwood, Southern Yellow Pine, Sassafras, Sugar Maple, Sumac, Sycamore, Tupelo, Western Red Cedar, Walnut, White Oak, Willow, Yellow Birch, Yellow Poplar.