10" Flat Combo Rasp, 5g/9g Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

10" Flat Combo Rasp, 5g/9g



10" Flat Combo Rasp

These are stitched on both sides with one "safe edge".

The rasp is thinner close to its tip to allow ease of entry into your workpiece. For flat and convex work only.

As normal, the longer the rasp, the coarser it is. We offer 2 sizes. The Combo rasps are new from Auriou and represent an excellent investment for general work. The size shown are the rasp dimensions without the handle.

The 10" (250mm) long combo rasp is "stitched" grain 5 & 9 (coarse/medium) whilst the 8" (200mm) is stitched 11 & 14 (fine & extra fine).

Available in left or right handed models.

Unfortunately several of our Auriou products have an extended lead time. Please contact our sales office for more information.