Green Woodworking: A Hands-on Approach



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Green Woodworking: A Hands-on Approach

By Drew Langsner

This book, originally published in 1987, is about working green wood, starting with a living tree. Drew Langsner shows you how to harvest the bark, limbs, and wood from a log. Drew describes how to hew or split the wood into usable sections and then use hand tools to shape the pieces into strong, functional, and beautiful objects. This 2013 edition was reprinted by the author with updates to sharpening equipment, tools, and joinery methods.

Drew Langsner is “one of the pioneers of the green woodworking movement in the 20th century. “Green Woodworking”…is a passport to an enormous area of the craft that has been long-neglected in the literature.” – Christopher Schwarz, Lost Art Press

Drew Langsner, 2013. Softcover, 176 pages. Printed in the USA.