Hand Planes in the Modern Shop



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Hand Planes in the Modern Shop

By Kerry Pierce

Hand Planes in the Modern Shop takes an in-depth look at Hand Planes, from their history, use, and collecting, to a photo glossary of tools. In addition to covering nearly ten types of planes, this book also divulges some shop secrets to making your own plane, restoring antique planes, and troubleshooting your planes. Beautiful illustrations throughout by the author. Pierce also includes a chapter about modern toolmakers, including Lie-Nielsen Toolworks.

Kerry Pierce is the author of 19 books and 200 magazine articles in the woodworking genre. Hand Tools became his passion after health issues forced him to reduce his exposure to woodshop dust. He has written about hand planes for Woodcraft Magazine, Woodwork magazine, The Woodworker's Journal and Woodshop News. He is the owner of a chairmaking and cabinet shop in Lancaster Ohio, where he lives with his wife, Elaine. He has two grown children, Emily and Andy.

Schiffer Publishing, 2010. Hardcover, 192 pages.