How to Build Shaker Furniture



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How to Build Shaker Furniture

The Completely Updated and Improved Classic

By Thos. Moser

Interest in Shaker design is as strong today as it was when the first edition of this book was published in 1977. This ongoing interest is the direct result of the inherent beauty of Shaker design €” beauty that stems not only from form, but from superb workmanship, a commitment to utility, and a total understanding of material.

Thirty-five years ago, Thomas Moser wrote one of the first books on building Shaker-style furniture -- and in fact, one of the first books written for woodworkers that offered plans for building furniture. This updated edition includes a new section on tools that reflects changes in woodworking technology, as well as new color photographs and furniture plans.

Popular Woodworking Books, 2011. Softcover, 175 Pages.