Making Ladder Back Chairs with Russ Filbeck



Making Ladder Back Chairs with Russ Filbeck

By Russ Filbeck

This detailed, step-by-step book will take you through building your first 2-slat Appalachian - style chair, 3-slat side chair, 4-slat arm chair and 6-slat rockers. The book clearly illustrates the forms that need to be built, the hand and power tools required, and how each of these are used to create a finished, heirloom-quality chair that will last for generations.

Russ Filbeck is a nationally-known chairmaker, has been published in several woodworking magazines, and formerly taught at Palomar College. This book is the result of years of experience teaching chairmaking.

Art Path Press, 2010. Hardcover, 230 pages.