The Chairmaker's Workshop - Handcrafting Windsor and Post-and-Rung Chairs



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The Chairmaker's Workshop - Handcrafting Windsor and Post-and-Rung Chairs

By Drew Langsner

Drew Langsner originally wrote this book in 1997 to serve as both an introduction and working reference for anyone interested in making post-and-rung and Windsor chairs.

The text is broken into four sections with Part I covering materials, tools and setting up a workshop. Part II features step-by-step tutorials for making 3 chair types: a 2-slat ladderback, a rustic stick Windsor, and a bow-back Windsor side chair. Part III contains scaled plans and notes for making 8 other post-and-rung chairs and Windsors. Finally, Part IV discusses how to build a shaving horse, a chairmaker's workbench, a spring pole lathe, and several options for constructing a small drying kiln.

An additional chapter on designing a chair contains four pages of tables for calculating sighting and resultant angles for boring legs and spindles on Windsor chairs. The book also includes a chairmaker's glossary and an annotated bibliography. It contains over 300 drawings, and more than 200 photographs as well as an Introduction by Welsh chairmaker John Brown.

Drew Langsner, 2008. Softcover, 304 Pages. Printed in the USA.