10" Curved Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 9g Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

10" Curved Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 9g



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Note: Auriou tools are made by a team of less than a dozen people at the Forge de Saint Juery in France. Each Rasp is carefully stitched to the tip by hand—the finer Rasps will take a highly skilled stitcher as much as 90 minutes to complete. There are over 30 separate operations in making their Rasps of which "stitching" is just one. These are quality tools for precise shaping, and we understand quality takes time. The availability of Auriou tools can fluctuate, but we think you'll find these tools worth the wait. Please contact our sales office for more information or help placing an order.

10" Curved Cabinet Maker's Rasp

This specialized version of Auriou's Cabinet Maker's Rasp is straight for half of its length, and curved up near the end. The cutting side is half-round across its width, and convex along its length due to the curve. The flat side is un-stitched. This is the most useful rasp for shaping the concave areas of chair seats.