8" Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 11g



Note: Auriou tools are made by a team of less than a dozen people at the Forge de Saint Juery in France. Each Rasp is carefully stitched to the tip by hand—the finer Rasps will take a highly skilled stitcher as much as 90 minutes to complete. There are over 30 separate operations in making their Rasps of which "stitching" is just one. These are quality tools for precise shaping, and we understand quality takes time. The availability of Auriou tools can fluctuate, but we think you'll find these tools worth the wait. Please contact our sales office for more information or help placing an order.

8" Cabinet Maker's Rasp

Cabinet Maker's Rasps are the recommended Rasps for general shaping. Flat on one side, half-round on the opposite, stitched to the tip by hand. These Rasps are capable of removing a lot material while leaving a surprisingly smooth finish. Auriou Rasps do not tear your edges so you can work to a line with confidence.

Cabinet Maker's Rasps are relatively wide in proportion to their length, about 1/8th of the stitched length, and the larger reference helps produce a more consistent surface when working larger material. As a guide, the length of the rasp should be approximately 3 to 4 times the width of the material being shaped. For example, when shaping a guitar neck, start with either a 12" or 10" Cabinet Maker's Rasp before moving on to a shorter, finer Modeller's Rasp for more refined shaping.

The 10" Rasp with 9 grain or the 9" Rasp with 10 grain are a good for general purpose woodworking. Both offer a good compromise between cutting power and finish.

Available in left or right handed models.