Six Board Chest



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Six Board Chest

with Christopher Schwarz


The Six Board Chest is a traditional form with many interesting variations. Chris Schwarz explains its history and design and demonstrates hand tool techniques that make building this chest an excellent exercise for building your woodworking skills.

Chris Schwarz is an active woodworker, teacher, writer, and hand tool enthusiast. He built his first workbench at the age of eight, and spent summers helping his father build two houses on their family farm in Arkansas, using mostly hand tools.

Formerly the editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, Chris continues to share his passion for hand tool woodworking through his publishing company, Lost Art Press. By unearthing the lost art of hand skills, he seeks to help the modern woodworker restore the balance between hand and machine work to produce furniture that is crisp, well proportioned and quickly made.

121 minutes, DVD. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2014.

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