The Anarchist's Design Book



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The Anarchist's Design Book

By Christopher Schwarz

The Anarchist’s Design Book is an exploration of furniture forms that have persisted outside of the high styles that dominate every museum exhibit, scholarly text and woodworking magazine of the last 200 years. In this newest release from Lost Art Press, readers will explore less talked about styles of furniture from outside the realm of museum and auction classics.

This book explores 11 surprisingly simple “staked” and ”boarded” furniture forms – bed, dining table, chairs, chests, desks, shelving – and offers a deep exploration into the two construction techniques used to make them. The Anarchist’s Design Book shows the overarching patterns behind these 11 pieces and will provide readers with a foundation on which they can design and build their own work.

Like The Anarchist's Toolchest, this book strays from conventional high-style wisdom and focuses on furniture to make and live with. Simple to build, and requiring only a few basic tools, these lesser-known styles will round out your furniture vocabulary.

Lost Art Press, 2016. Hardcover, 456 pages. Produced and printed in the United States.