Fishtail Gouge, Sweep 5 - 14mm (9/16") Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Fishtail Gouge, Sweep 5 - 14mm (9/16")



Note: Auriou tools are made by a team of less than a dozen people at the Forge de Saint Juery in France. These tools are forged the traditional way—by hammering a steel blank to length before profiling. This allows for a resilient gain structure which takes and holds a fine edge, so the tools can be thinner, lighter, and easier to handle. These are quality tools for precise work, and we understand quality takes time. The availability of Auriou tools can fluctuate, but we think you'll find them worth the wait. Please contact our sales office for more information or help placing an order.

Chris Pye Fishtail Gouges

Lightweight and with beautifully forged, short fishtail shapes. These Fishtail Gouges, designed by Chris Pye, are forged by hammering out a steel blank to length before profiling the cross section. This helps creates a resilient grain structure in the metal which, when hardened to Rockwell 58C, underpins their great edge-holding properties. These gouges are good examples of how hand forged tools, made in a traditional manner, possess a delicacy that is hard to match.

Fitted with octagonal Ash handles and tapered Brass ferrules. Available in 7 sizes:

  • Sweep 3 - 6mm (7/32")
  • Sweep 3 - 14mm (9/16")
  • Sweep 4 - 10mm (3/8")
  • Sweep 5 - 6mm (7/32")
  • Sweep 5 - 14mm (9/16")
  • Sweep 7 - 6mm (7/32")
  • Sweep 7 - 14mm (9/16")
  • Sweep 9 - 6mm (7/32")