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Jason Lonon Bowl Adze and Sheath



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Jason Lonon Bowl Adze & Sheath

The bowl adze is one of the most challenging wood carving tools to get right. The angle between the cutting edge and the axis of the handle is critical to good performance, with blade length and handle length also part of the equation.

These bowl adzes from Jason Lonon are forged from solid 4140 alloy steel. They have a hand crafted Ash handle, stained and finished with a penetrating oil/varnish mix. Handles are 8"-9" long. The elliptical blades have a slightly flatter sweep in the center and turned up lips on the corners. This gives a good combination of aggressive cutting and smooth finish. Blades are approximately 1-3/4" to 2" across. Overall weight varies between 24 to 27 oz.

Handmade sheath included. Made from heavy vegetable tanned leather, these sheaths feature a heavy welt to protect the harness stitching. A brass roller buckle fastens the sheath in place. This is high quality edge protection for a high quality tool.