Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes



Making Traditional Side Escapement Planes

With Larry Williams

Very little has been documented about molding planes – how they are used and how they are made. Larry Williams demonstrates the traditional method of making a pair of hollows and rounds from a solid billet, including blade making, hardening and tempering. Hollows and rounds are used in combination to make complex moldings. This unique work is interesting both as a historical record of hand tool making, as well as a guide for those who wish to make their own molding planes for use.

180 Minutes, DVD. Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Productions, 2007.

We also offer several related DVDs on how to use hollows and rounds to make complex moldings: “Moldings in Practice” with Matt Bickford “Traditional Molding Techniques: The Basics” and “Traditional Molding Techniques: Cornice Moldings” with Don McConnell