Hudson Bay Axe



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Hudson Bay Axe

Hudson Bay style is a traditional style reinterpreted by Wetterlings. Overall length is 23-1/2”, blade width is 3-3/4”. Weighs 3.25 lbs. Leather sheath included.

Centuries of Steel making and forging have made Swedish steel and axes world famous. Wetterlings, the oldest existing axe forge in Sweden, now under new ownership, offers the best, hand forged and fit with oil finished American hickory handles. Natural, unpainted, finish shows the quality of the forging. We are pleased to offer these fine axes to our customers. Hardened and tempered to Rockwell 56-58, razor sharp.


Hold the handle in both hands, one hand further up the handle as you raise the axe. As you swing the axe, let the hand slide down the handle. When removing small branches from a log (limbing), always make sure the log is between yourself and the branch you are chopping off.


Always use a chopping-block when splitting logs. Aim for the middle of the piece of wood. Bend your knees and hit the log at the right angle so as not to hit yourself if you miss. To save your strength, let the cutting edge of the axe and the weight of the axe head do the work. If there is a knot in the log, try aiming for the middle of the knot.

Splitting with a Wedge:

Using a wedge is a very effective way to split logs, particularly knotty birch, oak, or blocks of spruce. Only use a splitting maul or sledge hammer when splitting logs with a wedge. Never use an axe as a wedge or sledgehammer unless it is designed to be so used. Serious injury can result from small slivers of metal flying off an improperly used axe.