Standard Workbench




We modified several key features to create the Lie-Nielsen Workbench:

  • The shoulder vise is a chain-drive twin-screw vise, with 12" spacing between the screws, 8-1/4" of travel, and a 22-1/2" maple jaw.
  • The rugged tail vise has 6-7" of travel and a non-traditional “no L-block” jaw.
  • The front stretcher is 4-1/8" wide and flush to the front of the legs and benchtop. Trestle legs are 3" square and flush with the front of the bench.
  • No skirt, no tool tray, just plenty of clamping surface.
  • 4" thick solid Hard Maple top.
  • 7 feet long (including tail vise handle) x 2 feet wide (excluding the shoulder vise).
  • Weight is 340 lbs.

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for your Workbench to be built. Shipping time post build may take an additional 6 to 8 weeks. Please call for shipping quotes and bench build lead time: (800) 327-2520

Click here to view our YouTube video on The Lie-Nielsen Workbench with Christopher Schwarz.

HEIGHT: Most benches currently on the market are about 35” (88.9cm) high. For many people today, a taller bench is more comfortable. We can make your bench up to 38” (96.52cm) high.

RIGHT OR LEFT HAND: The tail vise and shoulder vise can be positioned on either the right side or left side.

Please call with questions: (800) 327-2520