Ohishi Waterstone (1,000 grit)



Unfortunately several Ohishi Waterstones have an extended lead time. Please contact our sales office for more information.

Ohishi Waterstone

We recommend using waterstones for your day to day sharpening and these Ohishi Waterstones are the best we've come across. They cut quickly but are dense and hard enough that a spritz of water is all you need to get to work (do not soak these waterstones). The 1,000 grit will establish your secondary bevel and the 10,000 grit yields a beautiful final polish.

Grits available:

  • 1,000
  • 3,000
  • 6,000
  • 8,000
  • 10,000
  • 1,000/8,000 combination stone
  • 3,000/8,000 combination stone
  • 3,000/10,000 combination stone

Dimensions are 8" long, 3" wide, and 1" thick.