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3M Gold Sandpaper - 120 grit



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3M Gold Sandpaper - 120 Grit

For sharpening blades, we recommend the use of a secondary bevel for quick results. With repeated sharpening, this secondary bevel will grow larger and the primary bevel will need to be re-established.

This adhesive backed sandpaper can adhere to any flat reference surface and, with a honing guide, regrind a bevel back to its primary angle. The 120 grit can be used on blades that need a fair amount of work, or to remove the scratch pattern left by 80 grit sandpaper.

Click here to view four additional grits: 80 (for blades that need a lot of work), 180, 220, and 400 grit (for standard regrinding).

Rolls are 2¾" wide. 30 yards long.