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Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding



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Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding

By Douglas Brooks

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Over the course of 17 trips to Japan between 1996 and 2010 author Douglas Brooks traveled over 30,000 miles to seek out and interview Japan's elderly master boatbuilders. This is the story of the author's apprenticeships; it is part ethnography, part instruction, and part personal story of a wooden boatbuilder fueled by a passion to preserve a craft tradition on the brink of extinction.

Part I introduces significant aspects of traditional Japanese boatbuilding: design, workshop and tools, wood and materials, joinery and fastenings, propulsion, ceremonies, and the apprenticeship system.

Part II details the author’s five apprenticeships and concludes with a chapter on Japan’s sole remaining traditional shipwright.

2015. Hardcover, 320 pages. 378 Color Photographs, 36 Drawings.