Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Eleven Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Eleven



Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Issue Eleven

Table of Contents:

  • “Warp & Weft: Weaving Academic Research with Handcraft in the Restoration of a Loom” – Nevan Carling

  • “A Williamsburg Apprentice: Discovering the Trade, Art, & Mystery of 18th-century Cabinetmaking” – Jeremy Tritchler

  • “Versatility: Understanding the Medieval Socket Axe” – Gustave Rémon

  • “Finding the Groove: The Value of Batch Production Woodworking” – Joshua A. Klein

  • “For Speed: Fancy Windsor Chair Production in Early America” – Elia Bizzarri

  • “Examination of an Early 19th-century Chest of Drawers”

  • “Mountain Music: The Story of Foxfire’s 50 Years of Appalachian Handcraft” – Michael Updegraff

  • “On His Own Book: The Story of Chairmaker Richard Poynor” – Hunter S. Zyriek-Rhodes

  • “The Drawknife & the Butterfly Effect” – Dr. Mike Epworth

  • “Book Recommendation: John Ruskin’s Unto this Last” – Ray Deftereos

Released September 2021, 144 pages. Printed in the USA on premium, heavy (#70), uncoated paper for a classic look and tactile feel.

Ad-free and independently published since 2016, Mortise & Tenon Magazine celebrates the preservation, research, and recreation of historic furniture, and offers a fresh take on the efficiency and viability of working wood by hand.