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Right Hand Open Curve Spoon Knife with Sheath



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Open Curve Spoon Knife with Sheath by Wood Tools

A high quality spoon knife designed for use with a combined 30 years of spoon carving experience.

They are made from an excellent high alloy Steel, very hard and tough so they hold an edge for a long time. They come razor sharp and ready to use. The handles are beech and around 7.5″ long, allowing for a great range of grips to be used efficiently.

The Open Curve Spoon Knife is perfect for smoothing surfaces. The shallow curve of the spoon knife translates to a smooth finish on the wood. This works well for everything from carving eating spoons to finishing carved bowls.

Each knife includes a rugged sheath made from top quality leather produced by Clayton’s, one of the UK’s last traditional tanneries. The leather is thick and tough yet incredibly flexible and supple. Quick and easy to fit yet really tight and secure when in place. A gentle push with the thumb on the seam edge unsheathes the tool safely.

Available in Right or Left Hand orientations.