Workshop Wound Care



Workshop Wound Care

By Dr. Jeffery Hill

“Workshop Wound Care” delves right to the heart of what you need to know when faced with common workshop injuries, from lacerations, to puncture wounds to material in the eye.

The author, Dr. Jeffery Hill, is an emergency room physician and an active woodworker. So he knows exactly the information a woodworker needs to know when it comes to injuries. And he presents information in a way that a non-medical professional can easily understand it.

This is definitely a field manual – not a medical textbook. The book is organized so you can quickly get to the information you need. So that when you cut (or burn or crush) your something, you can turn right to the instructions you need to take care of the problem.

With the help of "Workshop Wound Care," when (not “if”) you hurt yourself, you’ll be back at the workbench in the minimum amount of time, and with as little agony as possible.

Lost Art Press, 2022. Hardcover, 184 pages. Printed and bound in the USA.