12" Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 12g left Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

12" Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 12g left



12" Cabinet Maker's Rasp

Cabinet Maker's Rasps are the recommended rasps for general shaping. They are relatively wide in proportion to their length, about 1/8th of the length, giving you considerable cutting power. Auriou rasps do not tear your edges so you can work to a line with the utmost confidence, and they leave a surprisingly smooth finish.

As a general guide, use a rasp 3 to 4 times longer than the width of the material being shaped. For example, when shaping guitar necks, start with either the 12" or 10" Cabinet Maker's Rasp before moving on to a smaller, finer Modeller's Rasp for more refined shaping.

If you are unsure of where to begin, we recommend either the 10"-9 grain or the 9"-10 grain for general purpose woodworking. Both give a good compromise between cutting power and finish.

Available in left or right handed models.