8" Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 11g Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

8" Cabinet Maker's Rasp, 11g



8" Cabinet Maker's Rasp

Cabinet Maker's Rasps are the recommended Rasps for general shaping. Flat on one side, half-round on the opposite, stitched to the tip by hand. These Rasps are capable of removing a lot material while leaving a surprisingly smooth finish. Auriou Rasps do not tear your edges so you can work to a line with confidence.

Cabinet Maker's Rasps are relatively wide in proportion to their length, about 1/8th of the stitched length, and the larger reference helps produce a more consistent surface when working larger material. As a guide, the length of the rasp should be approximately 3 to 4 times the width of the material being shaped. For example, when shaping a guitar neck, start with either a 12" or 10" Cabinet Maker's Rasp before moving on to a shorter, finer Modeller's Rasp for more refined shaping.

The 10" Rasp with 9 grain or the 9" Rasp with 10 grain are a good for general purpose woodworking. Both offer a good compromise between cutting power and finish.

Available in left or right handed models.