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Green Woodworking DVD Collection



Green Woodworking DVD Collection

In this three DVD set, we've gathered a series of projects from Peter Follansbee and Peter Galbert that will help you get started in working with green wood. Learn how to use wood found in your own backyard to create useful and long-lasting projects, ingrained with handmade charm.

A shaving horse can be used to work green or dried wood, but it is essential for working with a drawknife. Variations of this workhorse can be found in the workshops of chairmakers, coopers, and even spoon carvers. Peter Follansbee shows you how to build a simple and effective shaving horse using a time-tested design in our Build a Shaving Horse DVD.

Save one of the best pieces of wood from the firewood pile, and turn it into a hand-hewn bowl. In Hewing Wooden Bowls, Peter Follansbee works with a few simple tools—hatchet, adze, carving gouge, and knife—to shape beautiful wooden bowls. From log selection to grain orientation, tool use, and decorative carving, this video covers all you need to get started.

Need help moving the rest of that firewood? In the process of building a firewood carrier, Peter Galbert shows how working with green wood enables you to work efficiently with hand tools while unleashing the strength and flexibility of the material. If you are interested in chairmaking, his Making a Firewood Carrier video covers the basic skills involved in splitting, shaving, bending, drying, and joining green wood, which are the foundation of chairmaking and many other green woodworking crafts.

If these videos have been on your wishlist, you can save when you pick up all three in the Green Woodworking DVD Collection. Three DVDs with over seven hours of instruction, from two talented craftsmen.