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HNT Gordon Snipes Bill Plane Pair



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HNT Gordon & Co. Snipes Bill Plane Pair

These beautifully made planes by HNT Gordon & Co. use Gidgee, an Australian hardwood, for the plane bodies and Brass boxing to stand up to many years of use and wear. Each plane is 8.86" long and weighs approximately 1.3 lbs. The blades are 3/16" thick x 1/2" wide Tool Steel, hardened to RC 62-64 and bedded at 60°. The sole is a concave 1/2" radius, 90° segment on the left or right hand side of the plane.

Snipes Bill Planes are designed to make it easy to start planing with Rabbet (Rebate) Planes or Hollows & Rounds when making moldings. They are also used to form quirks or clean up after a molding has been worked with Hollows & Rounds.

Limited quantities available. Once the current inventory is sold, we cannot guarantee if or when these planes will be listed again on Tom's Toolbox.

The left hand plane refers to the plane that has the Brass boxing on the left side when the plane is pointing away from the user. This is the same for the right hand plane.

Watch a video from HNT Gordon on how to use Snipes Bill and Hollow & Round Planes to form moldings:

Snipe Bill Planes

Snipes Bill Planes are highly desirable if you are using Hollows & Rounds to make moldings. They simplify starting the profiles for Hollows & Rounds ensuring the profiles are parallel and they are in the correct position. Best to have both the left and right handed planes to handle changes in grain direction.

Proposition 65 Notice:

Bronze and brass alloys contain lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling.