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Small Carver Axe by Kalthoff Axes



Small Carver Axe by Kalthoff Axes

The Small Carver is a specialty axe and a precision tool. It is useful in a variety of carving jobs, from removing lots of material to cutting fine surfaces. It works well for both beginner and more experienced carvers. Developed in cooperation with renowned carver Beth Moen.

The 550 gram (1.21 lbs) axe head is easy to swing. The edge comes ready to use and will hold a sharp edge for a long time. The 32 degree angle works well for both soft and hard wood. Hardened to 57 Rockwell, it has good edge retention and is still easy to sharpen.

The axe is balanced just below the axe head, which makes every gram work to your advantage. When you do precision work, the axe feels lighter because your grip point is the same as the balance point. When you need to remove lots of material and need more power, you grip closer to the end knob so the entire weight is working for you.

The Small Carver Axe is available while supplies last. Forged in Sweden from Swedish Steel. Handle from Swedish Ash. Comes with a fitted leather sheath.

  • Small but strong
  • Well balanced
  • Tough edge
  • Leather sheath included