Magni-Focuser with Light



Magni-Focuser® with Light

We’ve used the Magni-Focuser in our shop for years to assist us in sharpening the teeth of our saws. The Magni-Focuser is great for work or hobby and features:

  • Binocular magnifier with interchangeable lens plates
  • Shatter resistant, optical quality acrylic lenses that flip up when not in use
  • No center post for unobstructed field of vision
  • Adjustable, contoured, padded vinyl headband
  • Lightweight, comfortable, washable
  • Can be worn over glasses

The standard Magni-Focuser comes with Lens Plate #4. We carry six additional Lens Plates of varying magnifications (see specification table below), plus a pivoting Auxiliary Monocular Lens providing 3.5 x additional magnification.

The Magni-Focuser with Light includes a VB3 2220 Pelican LED light for precise illumination of your work. Run time is approximately 34 hours on two CR2032 coin cell batteries (included). Brightness is 9 Lumens, lamp life is 10,000 hours.

Made in the USA since 1937 by Edroy Products Co., Inc.

Lens Plate Power Working Distance
#2 Lens Plate 1.5 x 20"
#3 Lens Plate 1.75 x 14"
#4 Lens Plate 2.00 x 10"
#5 Lens Plate 2.25 x 8"
#7 Lens Plate 2.75 x 6"
#10 Lens Plate 3.5 x 4"