Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Five Lie-Nielsen Toolworks

Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Five



Mortise & Tenon Magazine, Issue Five

Issue Five Table of Contents:

  • An Interview with Spencer Nelson on Apartment Woodworking

  • An Overwhelming Call: The Life & Work of Eric Sloane - Michael Updegraff

  • Chester Cornett’s ‘Masterpiece’ - Brendan Gaffney

  • Norse Seat Chest - Kate Fox

  • Hand in Hand with Jonathan Fisher - Joshua A. Klein

  • Traditional Coopering - Marshall Scheetz

  • Book Recommendation: Chinnery’s “Oak Furniture” - Derek Olson

  • Examination of an 18th-century Tea Table

  • Tools for Learning: Woodworking with Young Kids - Joshua A. Klein & Michael Updegraff

  • Woodworking in Classic Literature - Megan Fitzpatrick

  • 10,000 Hours: A Journey into Japanese Woodworking - Kim Choy

In 2016 Joshua Klein launched a biannual print magazine celebrating the preservation, research, and recreation of historic furniture, offering a fresh take on the efficiency and viability of working wood by hand.